Totally Random Music Video for 2/27/08

Here’s something I may throw at you now and then: a random music video. Well, maybe not so random to me as they will be you. Chances are I heard the song on XM, had it going through my head for a few days or just really dig the video.

Or it could simply be a guilty pleasure. And I promise–no RickRolls. Unless, of course, the subject is Mr. Astley himself.

Ready for today’s Totally Random Music Video? Click the link below!

“To Be With You” by Mr Big. This one was definitely inspired by my XM listening habits and I had one of those better-not-wreck-the-truck reactions when it started coming out my speakers. Released in 1992, Mr. Big was definitely riding on the coattails of yet another sappy acoustic love song, but these Aquanet lovers decided to take things to 11 by adding their own new twist–hand claps.

Like midgets and /or bacon, hand claps make everything better. And that made all the difference. But no matter how many times I watch that video (as I do admit to digging the song ever so slightly), I still want to sock that lead singer in the mouth. He’s too…quirky.

On the health front, this cold continues to kick my ass–and hard. Just when I thought I was feeling better, I get to work and immediately felt like shit on a stick. In fact I’m usually taking my one-mile walk at this [lunch] time but instead find myself blogging from my desk at work. I just don’t feel up to exerting any more energy than I have to. I just feel really crappy at the moment.

As a result, and this goes out to the Rosarito Boys, don’t be surprised by any typos I may have overlooked. Cold medicine is good for that, you know.

2 thoughts on “Totally Random Music Video for 2/27/08

  1. Dude, that is my karaoke song. I kill that tune, Nashville style.
    The greatest of the hair metal power ballads. This song endures. Now a friend of mine uses that as her ringtone when her boyfriend calls.


  2. I’m by no means picking on the song. Hell, I drove home singing along to it myself. I really do dig it.

    And you haven’t heard karaoke until you’ve heard me sing “Learn to Fly” on Rock Band–while I “play” “guitar.”


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