Good and Bad

There’s good and bad when it comes to losing weight over an extended period of time.

First, the good. You just feel great and can do much more than before.

Now here comes the bad.

Anybody who is trying to shed some weight obviously wants immediate results and naturally they get frustrated when they don’t. Well, that ain’t happening if you want it to stay off, Buckaroo Banzai. Take my situation back in 1986 when I lost nearly 100 lbs. I did it over a six-month period and guess what? I gained it all back eventually.

In my current situation, losing it slowly will pretty much guarantee that it will stay off. Sure, I gained a few pounds here and there but for the most part I’m working hard not to gain a ridiculous amount. I felt bad enough gaining 10 lbs. back over the holidays and couldn’t imagine gaining another 30 (which would put me back to my 2005 weight).

While losing it slowly definitely has its advantages, what really sucks is that chances are nobody will notice. Seriously, people, throw me a bone here! Practically nobody has given me a pat on the back, a “wow, did you lose some weight?” or anything else. A little recognition would be nice here and there, especially after today when I had the pleasure of throwing out three pairs of my Fat Guy Pants. These suckers were sizes 48 or 46 and now that I’ve dropped a few pounds, they simply don’t fit anymore.

My current pant size is 42 and goddamn, I’m proud of it. I haven’t worn that size since my high school days and if things go as planned, those will be my Fat Guy Pants in a few months. My goal of being at 200–or losing 4.2 pounds a month–by my 40th birthday is still within sight. In fact, part of the reason I bought my iPod Shuffle was to reward myself for a job well done.

So while everybody continues to overlook my progress, I’ll keep quiet and continue to revel in my victory over fat.

See you at the finish line in February 2009 where I will celebrate by eat the biggest, fattiest, nastiest hamburger-and-fries combo mankind has ever seen.