2 thoughts on “Dear State of California”

  1. Oh Dave. I am so sorry to hear about all of your troubles. My life has been so crazy with my daughter and her fiance buying their first house earlier this month that I have been ignoring my blog and my blogging friends.

    Hang in there and don’t give up on the public assistance. My daughter had a breast cancer scare two years ago and she had no insurance. We spent endless days and hours on the phone trying to work out assistance and our perserverance (ugh I can’t spell) paid off. Hang tough.


    1. Well, ya know, I’m sorry but that’s how broken our system is here (and in general, methinks). When a citizen has this much trouble getting stuff they’ve already paid into and all these immigrants get what they want, that’s wrong on all levels. Dude, I’m of Mexican decent and I see it as a problem.

      And that’s exactly what I told every person I spoke to yesterday.

      Things are starting to turn around albeit slowly, but they are. Thanks for letting me rant 🙂


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