The place looks like it was taken right out of the 60s, left intact and never dusted.There's a clock movement on the wood-grain panel-covered walls, and its red second hand with crescent moon shape at the short end glides smoother than the most expensive Rolex. It points to no numbers; there are none. It’s power … Continue reading Neal’s

This’ll Come in Handy…Somewhere…

So I was walking through Target the other day and came across something a bit curious.Now I'm all for convenience. Especially with computer stuff. Case in point: USB flash drives.I first got one of these for Ann when she was in college where she had to share large files with her fellow students. (To show … Continue reading This’ll Come in Handy…Somewhere…

Feelin’ Lousy

The thermometer on my desk clock reads a balmy 79 degrees. To combat the warmth that is permeating through the office I have my fan blowing right on me.Weather: overcast.Just what I need when I am fighting off a cold.This sucks.

Back from Vegas

Well, the trip went as expected: gambled, broke even. It's the same ol' story.I managed to take over 200 images and videos but am having trouble transferring the videos. Methinks it's time for a new computer soon because there's just no reason for it to be doing the things it's doing.One of the more fun … Continue reading Back from Vegas