More Handy Android Apps

As you’ve probably already read in a few of my posts, my LG Optimus V has a tendency to have its memory eaten up in to time flat. As a result, I was often left to go into the Applications menu and clear out caches, uninstall updates, etc. I did all of that until App2SD … Continue reading More Handy Android Apps

My Most Essential Android Apps, Part II

As promised, this post will be dedicated strictly to the apps related to photography. Let’s get one thing out in the open: when it comes to photography apps, iOS definitely has Android beat. I check AppShopper daily on my iPod for literally thousands of free iOS apps and there’s always an abundance of photography apps. … Continue reading My Most Essential Android Apps, Part II

My Most Essential Android Apps, Part I

Ever since I got my Virgin Mobile Optimus V smartphone, I’ve been downloading apps like a madman. The bummer, of course, is the phone’s extremely limited memory that gets maxed out in no time at all. Once I made this discovery I decided that if an app was going to be on my phone, it … Continue reading My Most Essential Android Apps, Part I

App Review: Bike Repair

I know two things about my bike: it has wheels and I like to ride it. In fact, it’s become a weekend tradition of mine to saddle up and hit the local trails down to the beach or ride circuitously around the park just so I can log at least 20 miles. No, it’s not … Continue reading App Review: Bike Repair

Wordless Wednesday: Expressions

Anthony poses. Taken with the Pocketbooth app for Android. Click on image for larger (but not full-size) version.