Quite the Score

There are people who have made a hobby out of reselling things they find at garage and estate sales. I’m not one of those people. No, I’m the kind who will rarely drop in on an estate sale as they tend to be a bit on the pricey side from what I’ve experienced. Garage sales? … Continue reading Quite the Score


Back to Shooting

A few days ago I wrote about how my muse seemed to be stuck somewhere on the 110 near Staples Center, a metaphor implying that my creative side is just waiting for her to show up so that I can carry on with whatever I was meant to do on this cruel material sphere. By … Continue reading Back to Shooting

How to Hold A Camera

The title of this post should actually be "How to Hold a Digital SLR So You Won't Look Like a Poser" but for the sake of space, you get the abbreviated version. Whilst at Disneyland this Saturday I came across a sight that is slowly becoming more obvious to me than ever before, and it’s … Continue reading How to Hold A Camera