2014: My Year In Review

I know it’s a few days late but I like to wait until the year is over because hey, you never know what can happen, right? Anyhow I bid you a very Happy New Year. And in keeping with what seems to be a new tradition since I’m always taking pictures of even the most … Continue reading 2014: My Year In Review


A Mickey Mouse Job, Part Deux

As you might recall in a previous blog post, I had an interview with The Happiest Place on Earth and in the end was given a note telling me that I was pretty much short-listed should any positions become available. Deep down inside I never thought they’d call, but I got an email a few … Continue reading A Mickey Mouse Job, Part Deux

A Mickey Mouse Job

What you see above is the note that was handed to me after the interview I had a few days ago with Disneyland. Yes, that Disneyland. The Mouse, the ears, the Walt. That’s the place. I had submitted my application online – it’s the only way they accept them, naturally – somewhere in January and … Continue reading A Mickey Mouse Job

24 Hours of Disneyland

Starting tomorrow at 6am, Disneyland will be open for 24 hours for those who are brave enough to “rock” their Disney Side. And although I despise the use of “rock” as a verb for donning any article of clothing and successfully gaining the approval of others and, therefore, really dislike this slogan, I will be … Continue reading 24 Hours of Disneyland

Wordless Wednesday: Mice

Outside the Disneyland Hotel, where we will be staycationing this June.