Holy Shit, It’s a Blog Post!

Feeling lucky, punk? Well for the second day in a row, you’re getting a blog post. You’re kind of special.

The notable exception between last night and tonight? I’m using my iPad and wireless keyboard instead of my jank-ass Gateway which tends to freeze up quite a bit, which made composing last night’s post a bit of a pain. The only pain here is the freakishly small keys on this wireless keyboard and odd commands (Function + O = apostophe).

So what do you get with this post? An update from the previous one which outlined what I’ve been up to. Let’s see what changed.

Learning Japanese. For the umpteenth time, I started to dabble in learning the language as a means to kill time on the bus to work. And for the umpteenth time, I’ve given up. There’s no going back this time. If I do decide to learn something, it will be brushing up on my Spanish.

Speaking of the bus, the route changed to the summer schedule and it’s no longer convenient to take it to work since I’d have to leave the office much earlier or wait for the next bus at 6:30, then get home at 7:30. That’s a long day, and I’m back to driving until the schedule changes back.

I’ve Been Sick. Well, I had one day of being sick after the last time but it wasn’t so bad. Just took a day off from work to hydrate and recover.

I’ve Been Drawing On My iPad. While not lately, I do have a few projects going currently. Here’s one of them.

I’m Considering Leaving Instagram. Well, that never happened. It was just a rough time of being shadowbanned and just waiting until the ban was lifted. All of my accounts are now active but here is the main one if you’re so inclined.

Now you’re al caught up. Let’s see if I keep my blogging interesting going!

What’s Happening!!!

Hey hey hey! I’m still alive, as this post clearly indicates. I just thought I’d give you an update on things and what I’ve been up to.

Learning Japanese. It takes about an hour for the bus to arrive at the office, and I literally catch it across the street from home and stops about 500 steps from work. Why I didn’t think of this before is beyond me.

At any rate, I tried a number of things to pass the time while commuting with the masses: music, podcasts, etc. Then I figured that if I’ve got time to kill, I might as well make it productive so I started using the Lingodeer app to reintroduce myself to Japanese. It’s just the beginning; there are a number of different apps I’ve used in the past but I seem to retain more with this one. We’ll see how it goes.

I’ve Been Sick. Rather than blast constant updates all over Facebook, I’d much rather do it here and go into more detail and fucking cuss if I need to. Basicallly, I was having a hard time swallowing as well as a few other things. A trip to the doctor last Thursday confirmed I had tonsilitis — yes, I still have my tonsils — and I was prescribed a medication called Cefdinir. It’s a pretty strong antibiotic that I had never taken before.

And I had an awful reaction to it. After a nap on Saturday afternoon, I woke up covered in a rash around my neck. (Sorry, no pictures — I’m not my brother who once posted pictures of his heat rash on Instagram. Ew.) Later that evening, the rash had spread to my arms and torso. It was ugly so I stopped taking the medication and broke out the calamine lotion.

The rash was only part of it. Conjuctivitis is another as well as…let’s just say I’ve needed to hydrate a lot. I had all of it.

The doctor has since prescribed me a new antiboitic and so far the breakouts have been minimal and I’m feeling better. I’m never sick and the one time I am I take medicine that makes me worse, but I guess none of us are allergic to any medications until we take them and see what happens.

I’ve Been Drawing on my iPad. Each family member has their own laptop. I don’t, so when we were thinking about buying a PC for home, it only made sense for me to get an iPad so that I can do whatever (like, for example, blogging as I’m doing now). But it’s gone beyond that — I’ve since bought an Apple Pencil in order to broaden my horizons, and here’s the first thing I drew.

It’s not the best and there are a ton of things I can tell you are wrong with it but it was an experiment to see how it would go. So not too bad methinks.

I’m Considering Leaving Instagram. The Powers That Be have determined that all of my accounts have been violating their terms and have shadowbanned all of them. One of them is even blocked on my phone. My only guess is that since I do use the same hashtags on a lot of posts, Instagram thinks I’m spamming. So after nearly 5,000 posts, they think I’m spamming. Thanks, assholes.

Here’s how such a ban works:

  • Users are not told they are banned; they will suddenly see a drop in likes and followers
  • Hashtags are blocked so your account is essentially private (only your followers can see your posts)

Because of this, it’s no longer fun and pretty pointless to keep going. I’ll keep the accounts open in the hopes that the ban is lifted but I’m not very optimistic about it. I will resurrect my photo blog Digital Resolution and start posting there, where I’m the boss and can pretty much say what I need to.

And now you’re caught up. I’ll try to be better about posting here 🙂


What the what? Yet another blog post? It can’t be true.

But it is. I’m stealing/borrowing the idea from a fellow blogger in order to keep things going here. It may kill me, but I’m going to drive traffic here and reach that $100 WordAds payout threshold!

Watching: Our new TV provider carries NHK World and that makes me happy. It means I can watch Tokyo Eye 2020 without the use of an antenna – the old way I watched it – and not get interference from low-flying aircraft buzzing into the local airport. Sure, I could have used the app but watching it on a 42″ TV is better. Aside from the great tips about traveling to Tokyo (一番 on my Bucket List), I also dig its host Chris Peppler. There are two segments in each episode and after each segment, the guest tour guide will be in the studio where Peppler will ask the questions about the places they visited. He’s got a tendency to say things sotto voce as they answer his questions.


“Hmm. Mmm hmm. Yeah yeah yeah. Hmm. Oh! Right right. I see.”

I love the show but his little interjections crack me up, as do his form-fitting v-neck shirts. Chris Effing Peppler. He should have a posse.

Reading: Nothing. Y’all should know that I’m a proofreader, spending 40 hours a week staring into a monitor reading the fine print of various automotive disclaimers, so reading is the last thing I want to do in my free time. And when I do try to read I’ll usually drift off with the tablet eventually smacking my face as my hands loosen their grip on it, waking me up prompting me to toss it aside and go with the flow. So that’s that.

Wearing: Ha, just wanted to see if you were still reading this.

Playing: Candy Crush Saga. It seems Ann got me hooked on this once again after being stuck on Level 168 or so over a year ago for what seemed like a month. I just couldn’t pass it so I deleted it from my devices and gave up. Recently, I saw Ann playing it and decided to give it a shot and of course I passed Level 168 in two tries, and currently on Level 238 and rising. I play until my lives are exhausted or fall asleep and don’t spend a dime on in-app purchases but I managed to win 6 hours of play last night. I gotta tell ya if you play that game for 6 hours non-stop, you might have some issues. I played for an hour – okay, maybe two – and was done.

Drawing: Nothing at the moment but I should be. A few months ago I rode my bike to the art supply store by the office and bought myself a variety of pencils. I’ve never felt more like a hipster in my life. Since then I’ve sharpened the pencils but not much else. I also recently picked up a set of drawing pens at Michael’s using a 50% off coupon meaning they were pretty cheap. Not the best but they will do. I used Koh-I-Noor Rapidograph pens in college and they are pretty amazing for detail but also, as are most good art supplies, costly. Being a college art major wasn’t cheap then and I can’t imagine what it’s like now.

Planning: A little getaway during Christmas vacation when the office is closed for close to two weeks. We’re looking at a road trip yet again heading up the coast to Monterey, CA and few other places along the way. We can book hotels through a corporate website that gives us ridiculous discounts on everything from amusement parks to sporting events, so I’ve been looking at places for December. If not then hey, it’s California. There’s a ton of things that we can do instead.

I’m taking Monday using my last Summer Day which expire at the end of September and if we don’t use them, we lose them. Figured I might as well. I’ve also got nearly two weeks vacation accrued so there will be no problem taking some time off next summer.

Boom. This post is done. Have a great week!