What A Pain

We did lots of stupid things as kids. Like, a lot. But the good thing was that back in the days when Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter were in the Oval Office (during different terms of course), there was no social media and therefore no evidence of our childhood shenanigans and ignorance. In fact I … Continue reading What A Pain


Dem Bones, or Das Boot

Ann and I decided early on in our parenthood journey that we would be supportive of Anthony with everything he did. Whatever he wanted to try, we would let him have at least one stab at it and be behind him all the way. And so we did: tae kwon do, t-ball, violin, trumpet, and … Continue reading Dem Bones, or Das Boot

Blogging 365, Day 4: I’ve Got My Nerve

Preston, a Facebook friend and fellow blogger, has been sticking to his workout regimen and should be congratulated. He’s doing great and is getting into excellent shape. But just last week, he posted that he was a bit perturbed about injuring his back when in his mind, he’s doing everything he can to keep it … Continue reading Blogging 365, Day 4: I’ve Got My Nerve