Part IV: In Vain

The fourth part of an ongoing series A few notes before I start this post. I know it’s been a few months since I wrote anything so my apologies for that but things are finally starting to wind down for us and getting back to normal. I just haven’t had the drive to write lately … Continue reading Part IV: In Vain


Part III: Confirmation

The third part of an ongoing series A few days after being released from the hospital, it was time to visit the doctors who had been providing Ann’s care during her stay. First on the list was Dr. F, the oncologist. At this point we weren’t quite sure why we were scheduled to see him. … Continue reading Part III: Confirmation

Part II: Hospital Stay

Part II of an ongoing series With Ann staying the night in the hospital, I had to make some calls and send emails. First, I had to call her parents then send an email to the boss and my coworkers letting them know I would be absent at least for the day. The latter was … Continue reading Part II: Hospital Stay

Part I: Fourth of July

Part I of an ongoing series of blog posts According to the 2016 census, Long Beach has a population of over 470,000. That’s by no means a small city by any stretch of the imagination, but there are times when that number can be simply a number. One of those times is on the Fourth … Continue reading Part I: Fourth of July


“Every writer is a frustrated actor who practices his lines in the hidden auditorium of his skull.” -- Ben Hecht Writers draw from their life experiences to craft stories. It’s not that writers lead more exciting or interesting lives than everyone else, it’s just that they see them as chapters unfolding right before their eyes. … Continue reading Prelude