I got an e-mail the other day from Carnival Cruise Lines with the following reminder:

“It’s just 90 days until your birthday!”

Holy crap in a pita! I have less than 90 days left to enjoy my 30s because after February 14, 2009, I will be officially in my 40s.

It’s not like I sit and think about what life will be like in my 40s because, well, things are not going to change overnight. And if they do, they’ve got less than 90 days to come to fruition. I do, however, have a head-start on the dreaded age: plenty of gray hairs.

What do I want to do for my 40th? Nothing, absolutely nothing. It falls on a Saturday next year and being we bought the cheap Disneyland passes this time around, we’re blocked on Saturdays and I don’t want to spend the extra $30 per person to get in.

Ann and Anthony, however, will have no problems on their birthdays as they fall on a Sunday and Monday, respectively. They will be able to take advantage of Disneyland’s 2009 “What Will You Celebrate?” promotion and score a Gift Card to use as they wish!

In fact, 2009 will be a year of milestone birthdays for everybody here at Casa Ridiculous: I turn 40, Ann hits 35, and Anthony will be The Big 5. While I’m excited for them and their milestone birthdays, I just want my day to pass with absolutely no reminders of my birthday. But if Ann has her way, I’m expecting just the opposite to happen.

Oh, and did I mention that my birthday is Valentine’s Day? So um…no, I won’t be able to hide in the corner somewhere after all.

Should I Worry?

In casual conversation yesterday, Ann mentioned that she and her mom are already talking of plans for my 40th birthday next year.

Because I don’t want to be surrounded by stupid little tombstone-shaped Mylar balloons and “Over The Hill” cakes, I told her “no parties” and she promptly told me that there wouldn’t be.

And she knows damn well I’m acrophobic so skydiving is definitely out of the question.

Um…so should I be worried?

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