Change Is Good

While I despised my time at Ralphs, I must admit that some of their perks were slightly worth the trouble. Slightly. The major one, of course, was health benefits for myself and Anthony that set me back maybe $7 every week. If I had hung around there long enough to add Ann then they would … Continue reading Change Is Good

Review: Pebble Smartwatch

As I do on occasion, today’s post is a review about a recently acquired item. But first, let me tell you of the story behind it. My lovely wife Ann thought it would be nice to buy me a nifty gadget – she knows I love technology – for Christmas in the form of a … Continue reading Review: Pebble Smartwatch

Blogging 365, Day 51: The Last Virgin Mobile Post

UPDATE 2/21/13: In the midst of Virgin Mobile's outage that they are now quietly acknowledging, I got this interesting text today: I clicked on the link and it took me here (click image to enlarge or go directly to site): Ahem. So I went ahead and called my voicemail and it told me exactly what … Continue reading Blogging 365, Day 51: The Last Virgin Mobile Post

Wordless Wednesday: Memorial Day

Taken with an LG Optimus V; enhanced with PicSay Pro.

Roughing It — Kind Of

Here's Anthony sitting in the tent in the backyard where I promised him we'd camp over the holiday weekend. We're doing Night 2 as I post this. Perfect night for it, too. Device: LG Optimus V Apps: PicSay Pro for color manipulation; lightning provided by Nintendo DSi XL screens