Turn! Turn! Turn!

Ladies and gents, I did something on my way to work–or train station, that is–which practically killed me.

No, I didn’t try to set any land speed records for a 4-cylinder Ford Escape not did I speed through an intersection when my light was blatantly red.

But what I did do was this: I didn’t use my turn signal my entire trip.

Yes, you heard me right. I decided that I would try and refrain from using these most useful of automobile mechanisms just to see what it was like to be a self-absorbed prick that thinks that everybody on the road knows where they will turn next.

And the result? I felt nasty, dirty, and downright ignorant for doing so. I seriously did because, and you may call me a goody two-shoes for this, but when I was taught to drive I was told the importance of using turn signals all the time. That’s what I’ve always done and still do. Now I may not always use my signal when there are no other motorists within arms length of me; it really won’t matter then if I don’t. I also admit to not exactly obeying the posted speed limits all the time, but for all intents and purposes I consider myself a safe driver.

But when you’re trying to turn left at an intersection that notoriously gets backed up because the passing commuter train will stop traffic, leaving you in the middle of said intersection while your light goes from amber to red, those people making right turns in front of you need to USE THEIR DAMNED TURN SIGNAL!

Holy crap, people! Use some common sense already! There have been many times when I was waiting for cars to pass so I could turn left behind them but at the last minute they begin their right turn, sans signal, leaving me to drive to the next (and further) intersection so that I wouldn’t be sitting in the middle while the opposing light turned green.

Look, turn signals have been standard features on cars for many, many years. And they are so freaking easy to use! You reach out with your finger apply slight pressure to the lever in the direction you intend to turn, and everybody knows where you are going next.

But no, there are those–I’m looking at you, luxury car drivers*–that think that their turn signals are controlled telepathically or trust that everybody around them is psychic and will automatically sense their next move. Those are the self-absorbed pricks I mentioned earlier.

I could try to beg and plead with those people to start using their signals but meh, why bother? I’ll just continue to chug along and be the cautious driver I was taught to be, and know that I’m not one of those jackasses that I despise so much.

* Hey, we have a Lincoln and use its signals all the time. There are some exceptions.

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