They Really Do Like Me

The job of a proofreader is often the least appreciated at any organization and goes far beyond the scope of making sure the word public isn’t mistakenly spelled pubic. Don’t laugh. I’ve caught that error in the past. We are fact-checkers, legal liaisons, and basically a safety net between the organization or its clients and … Continue reading They Really Do Like Me

A Summer That Won’t Suck

When I was working at the grocery store, there were a few things I lacked. First, dignity. There was a time when working such a job was a rather respectable thing to do with people spending a good portion of their lives there, making decent money and having plenty in their pension. But it’s not … Continue reading A Summer That Won’t Suck

At Last

In my Year in Review post, I had mentioned that (among other things) there was a good chance that my current freelance assignment was going to turn into a permanent, full-time affair. I had been freelancing there since August and only had maybe three weeks off between then and today. They called me back when … Continue reading At Last

2015: My Year in Review

Either I was going to do it or Facebook was by putting random pictures together and calling it “my year.” I don’t think so. As I have done for the last few years, I am once again tying a ribbon on the end of the year with a review of all of the good and … Continue reading 2015: My Year in Review

A Mickey Mouse Job

What you see above is the note that was handed to me after the interview I had a few days ago with Disneyland. Yes, that Disneyland. The Mouse, the ears, the Walt. That’s the place. I had submitted my application online – it’s the only way they accept them, naturally – somewhere in January and … Continue reading A Mickey Mouse Job