It Happened Again…

When’s the last time you heard Julian Lennon’s Valotte? Has it been a while?

My last time: today. That makes it three times in the last month.

It’s not that I have horrible taste in music, no. Anyone who knows me will argue with you on that. While some of my collection may be questionable, that dreadful song remains absent from it.

I heard it today while shopping at Stater Bros. market, which I guess doesn’t really surprise me when I think about it. C’mon, Stater Bros. was the last market on Earth that carried Big John’s Beans n’ Fixin’s for God’s sake! They no longer do, so I bought 6 cans of the stuff when it went clearance and still have 3 left. It’s good stuff.

Each trip to the store I seem to get taunted by that damned Valotte song, and today was no exception. I was actually hopping mad when the song came on – literally. With each jump, I blurted out a word that formed the sentence: “Why…does…this..damn…song…al…ways…play…when…I’m…here?”

Okay, I admit that the song may have been cool back in the day. But then again, so were sleeveless concert shirts.

It drives me nuts.