Happy Fruits is Very Delicious!

Yeah, that’s just what I thought when I saw that. It was printed on a cup I purchased today at a really bitchin’ place called Marukai 98 Cent Superstore in Fountain Valley, CA (sorry, no interweb links available).

Formerly home of a Planet Kids children’s activity center, this store delivers a plethora of Asian items. Did someone say Mr. Sparkle? After shopping around for awhile I actually felt as if I were in some sort of Japanese K-Mart or something. Loads of useful crap all at bargain prices!

Part of the beauty of the store lies in the packaging of the items. What isn’t in Japanese is in pure Engrish, a term used for when a Japanese person attempts to write English but with humorous, yet bizarre, results.

Case in point – My Puti Fresh cup:

What it means, I don’t know. What it’s supposed to mean…ditto. I just thought it was funny as hell.

The store is located on Magnolia Ave. in Fountain Valley. Definitely worth the trip no matter where in SoCal you are. It’s just behind J&J Subs, home of the best teriyaki beef sandwich I’ve ever had.

Here’s something else for you. At our favorite Chinese restaurant in Signal Hill, CA they were having trouble with people stealing the paper lanterns which were hanging outside the restaurant. With only one left, they posted this sign in the window:

Evidently, putting the fear of Confucius in people works: The one lantern remains; the other two were replaced with gigantic fold-out pineapples.

Confucius says, “Steal my lantern, I kick your ass!”