It was a beautiful morning. The sun shone through the leaves of the sweetgum tree. The dew-covered grass of my front yard was also decorated with fancy autumn colors. A classic Southern California winter morning to this point.

I snuggly packed up Anthony and Ann’s car, gave them both a kiss, and off they went. I soon departed for work as well.

About a minute into my journey to work, I get a call from Ann on my cell phone.

“I think I have a flat,” she said. I asked where she was and I met her there. From there we went back home.

But on our way home I noticed something. Many cars had flat tires on the street to the east of us. One car had both tires on the driver’s side flattened. All cars with flats were parked in the street. I counted five cars altogether.

Apparently, we were number six:

[Image of slashed tire was here but has since deleted by image host. Hey, it’s been over 4 years.]

Ann hadn’t seen the other cars so when we got home, I told her I was going to call the police.

Twenty minutes later, the police came and took a report. From what they told us, there was a city-wide tire slashing spree last night in Long Beach. Ann thought something was up because she told me she heard a noise about 8:30 last night, but didn’t notice anything unusual outside. With the people behind us remodeling their house, we’ve become used to loud and random noises lately, so that probably why I may have dismissed anything I might have heard.

The one time Ann decides to park in the street, this happens. Not a lot we can do about this except buy a new tire.

And park in the driveway from now on.