Yeah, booyeeeee!!

Okay, so I’m a little Flavor Flav with that heading. But I have reason to be.

See, I worked at Best Buy from 2000-2001. It really wasn’t a bad place to work for…except when the bosses wanted you to push those useless product service or protection plans on the customers. I never sold many because I thought they were a ripoff: If they can sell them to the employees for around $3 per item…

At any rate, there were times when, at the end of our shifts, we had already clocked out and had to wait for a manager to finish “walking the store” to let us out. On some nights we could be waiting up to 30 minutes after we had already clocked out.

So some employees got together and decided to lay a class action suit against Best Buy since, if you think about it, we were locked in on our own time. At least Wal-Mart and Target employees are on the clock when they are locked in.

I barely, and I mean barely, qualified for the lawsuit. I filled out the form and sent it in. From what I understood, the payout would be about $280 for those in my class (less than 2 years of service and non-management).

I got the check in the mail yesterday and was shocked to find out it was $747.52! Nice little bonus. We’re saving some of it for a trip to Las Vegas later this year.

Nice indeed.