Thank You, Wil Wheaton

Actor and fellow Farker Wil Wheaton did something very cool for my wife today.And I would like to take a moment to publicly thank him for it.Thanks, Wil, for taking time out for a fan. You're one cool dude, and made my wife's day--quite possibly her year!

Where I’ve Been

Hey, I know I haven't posted here much, but I've been checking out The main reason for my going there was to check out Depeche Mode's page as it was told by those in charge that it would be worth it.When I was able to listen to a streaming version of Playing the Angel, … Continue reading Where I’ve Been

From the Archives

I transferred this from a cassette that is about 23 years old. It's a classic.Forgive the poor quality; it's the best I could do.New York Telephone (MP3 file, 2.16 MB, running time 1:34, explicit content!)Hosted by!