How Wheels in Action!

I loved Hot Wheels as a kid. Still do. Even collected them for a while before I got tired of dealing with grown men running over children on their way to the toy dapartment at Target, just so they could get the newest cars. Total jerks, all of you.Now that Anthony's almost two, it became … Continue reading How Wheels in Action!


Good Karma, Part 2

While I'm here...Remember the post from a few days ago? Well, it's still reaping rewards.Tonight there was a message on the answering machine from a company that saw my resume on Turns out they are looking for an entry-level Technical Writer, and want to get in touch with me.My resume is going to be … Continue reading Good Karma, Part 2

Jenny Craig: What A Rip-Off

UPDATE 12/15/08: To see what I accomplished by NOT using Jenny Craig, please visit 200by40. Also note that I was fairly ignorant in this post when I say that I wasn't "morbidly obese" because, in retrospect, I was. I also don't believe in the "large-frame body" theory anymore as I am starting to see dramatic … Continue reading Jenny Craig: What A Rip-Off

Good Karma

I failed to mention this, but the last few weeks have been interesting. No, this year has been interesting.First off, I was re-acquainted with some old friends--one was my former supervisor at Target I hadn’t seen in at least 10 years. Then we go to the Lexus event at Dodger Stadium last weekend.Previous to that, … Continue reading Good Karma

Taste of Lexus Event

The folks at Lexus know how to please. I was invited to attend their Taste of Lexus: Performance Edition, an event which took place yesterday at Dodger Stadium. The event was a pressure-free way (read: no salesmen) to test-drive the entire line of Lexus vehicles, including the new LX400h hybrid, and the IS250 and IS350, … Continue reading Taste of Lexus Event