Podcast: Underrated ’80s Bands

Russ over at RunningInFlipFlops invited me back to take part in yet another pocast, this time on underrated ’80s bands. We pretty much run the gamut this time and mention former WWF Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat as well as expressing my sentiment–or lack thereof–towards Jimmy Buffett.

So if you’ve got a little over an hour to waste and want to hear us blab on about this topic, click Play on that little player below and enjoy. And if I sound a bit nasally, I’m still battling something like a cold or whatnot. I’m also using a cheap Logitech headset via Skype so there’s really no bass in my voice which is going to prompt me to buy something better real soon.

And if you have any thoughts after all of that, you know where the Comments section is!