When A Bargain Isn’t A Bargain

People love their bargains and we’re no exception. We’ve used sites like Amazon Local and Groupon to snag some fantastic deals in the past and all of them were handled the way we expected them to be. And the deals are usually comprised of the same formula: get $[retail amount] of merchandise/services/food for $[discounted amount]. … Continue reading When A Bargain Isn’t A Bargain


In Response to Chad Stafko’s “Get Over It” Diatribe

A few days ago, Chad Stafko wrote an article for the Wall Street Journal entitled “OK, You’re A Runner. Get Over It” and since then, runners from all over the world have chimed in on what Stafko had to say, much less wonder what the act of running had to do with WSJ. If you … Continue reading In Response to Chad Stafko’s “Get Over It” Diatribe

Sunday Breakfast

It's the little things in life that make you happy.

Loafing Around

Believe it or not, there was once a time when memories had to remain just that. If you saw something that was beyond words and had no way to document it then a memory was all you got. If you were really lucky (or strange for that matter), you might have had a camera handy … Continue reading Loafing Around