Maybe It’s Just Me

From initial thought to final product, a lot of work goes into the creation of an item whether it’s a car or a product in the frozen food section at your local Walmart.

And that’s where I saw this…lovely item.

File Sep 13, 4 43 58 PM

These are Aunt Jemima Griddle Melts and as is obvious by the gigantic burst at the top-right of the packaging, they are a new item.

Now let’s go back the first sentence of this post: the work involved when creating a product. Crammed somewhere in the middle of all that is taste-testing and even aesthetics. It takes a ton of people, internal and external, to finally get an item to market.

All of that said, you mean to tell me that not ONE person involved in the process of the creation of Aunt Jemima’s Griddle Melts even stepped back to look at these things and say, “Hey, don’t you think these look a little like vomit on a slice of toast?”

With that thought in mind, there’s no way I’d buy these things. Besides, a bowl of cereal is enough to get my day going. I’m just not into greasy, heavy food for breakfast anymore and that’s exactly what these things look like they are.

Well, that and vomit toast.

Shopping with Satan


So we did a little grocery shopping today and has this happen.

Hot damn.

Take it away, Charlie and Ira.

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Sunday Breakfast


It’s the little things in life that make you happy.

Making Changes

A fellow blogger brought this to light on her post today and although I’ve said it in another post I’ll go ahead and say it again.

Me and Facebook need to be further apart. I am posting way too much over there and not enough here, something I’ve toiled over since 2004. Just look at the number of posts I’ve written in the last few months. It’s pretty pathetic and it needs to stop and therefore, I’m getting back into the blog with this post.

I’d rather be sitting here writing about something than F5ing Facebook all night in the hopes of seeing what one of my friends ate for dinner – or a new cat picture. In the grand scheme of things, this needs my attention.

That’s one change. As for the other change, it has nothing to do with Facebook or social networking for that matter. It’s a personal health/lifestyle change that was discovered the other day while I was perusing a nifty app called Fooducate.

Without getting into too much detail about Fooducate, what it basically does is give you ratings of A through D on foods in its database. Curiously, I entered “diet pepsi” – my one vice – and read the results and score.

fooducateIt came back with a score of C- and the reasons why it was given such a grade. What it basically came down to was that it, along with just about all other sodas, are packed with chemicals that have been known to cause cancer and that, along with reading a few articles on Active about sodas, was enough for me to decide that our next trip to the grocery store would not include any sodas. As of this post, I’ve been soda-free for nearly two weeks and have had absolutely no craving to drink one. On the one occasion when I did have a small sip of regular Coke (to prevent Ann’s cup from overflowing with bubbles at a restaurant), not only was I underwhelmed but also disgusted. It was in no way pleasing to me anymore and I was happy to have made the decision to quit.

In fact, Fooducate sort of opened my eyes to how badly processed a lot of foods are and why it’s important to know about what you’re putting into your body. Since I no longer drink sodas, I’ve switched to filtered water and while at work, green tea. The difference is that now I add only honey to my green tea and to be on the safe side, no longer throw in a packet of artificial sweetener which contains saccharin.

Sadly, Fooducate also gave my beloved Sun Dried Tomato & Basil Wheat Thins the not-too-impressive score of B- citing that it contains BHT, a chemical that is considered a carcinogen. That was enough for me. On the other hand, my Silk Soymilk Light was rated at A- so that’s definitely still worth buying.

Will the next step be vegetarianism? Veganism? I can guarantee you that it won’t but in giving up sodas and continuing to read up and study some of my favorite foods, I know for sure that plenty more changes are on the way.

And that’s a good thing in my book.

I’ve Been Sick


That pretty much explains my absence as of late. But if there’s anything that will cure what ails you, it’s a great big bowl of homemade albondigas (meatball) soup topped with some Tapatio and lemon juice.

Here’s my bowl which we made at my cousin Dorthi’s house today. Not saying it worked but I feel one Hell of a lot better.