Why Mobile Payments Will Fail

If you aren’t familiar with the concept of mobile payments, here’s a quick little rundown of how they work. First, you must sign up with any number of services out there such as Google Wallet or Isis Wallet. These serve as your “bank” in which you can deposit money or have it transferred from your … Continue reading Why Mobile Payments Will Fail

I’m Down

There's a corner in my den that is dedicated to my creativity, a place where I am surrounded by the things that bring me comfort and peace. It's the desk where I draw, do calligraphy and most importantly, where I sit with my laptop and compose blog posts. But things have changed. In case you … Continue reading I’m Down

Disposable Socks

I’m currently doing laundry but taking a break to discuss an important matter. My socks. I wear them once and they seemingly disappear into thin air, never to be reunited with their mate ever again. In that respect, they are disposable: use once and throw away. But the thing is that I don’t throw them … Continue reading Disposable Socks