Maybe It’s Just Me

From initial thought to final product, a lot of work goes into the creation of an item whether it’s a car or a product in the frozen food section at your local Walmart. And that’s where I saw this...lovely item. These are Aunt Jemima Griddle Melts and as is obvious by the gigantic burst at … Continue reading Maybe It’s Just Me


I’m on Bing Maps

About two months ago, I saw a Bing Maps surveyor and decided to follow it for a bit because I thought it would be funny to eventually see myself on the street maps. Well, tonight I checked the maps to see if they had updated them. They did. But first, take a gander at the video … Continue reading I’m on Bing Maps

Disposable Socks

I’m currently doing laundry but taking a break to discuss an important matter. My socks. I wear them once and they seemingly disappear into thin air, never to be reunited with their mate ever again. In that respect, they are disposable: use once and throw away. But the thing is that I don’t throw them … Continue reading Disposable Socks

When Right Is Wrong

It’s normal for me to find things while I’m out running or cycling. Within the past year I’ve found two phones and I happily returned them to their owners, an easy task considering that neither phone was locked and there was a contact labeled Home in both of them. Easy. The owners even gave me … Continue reading When Right Is Wrong

What I Want for Christmas

If you were a baseball fan in the '70s then chances are you know about Oscar Gamble. Back then, Gamble had one of the most blown-out afros you've ever seen. I mean, it was tremendously huge but don't take my word for it. Just click here to get an idea. Sure, there were others like … Continue reading What I Want for Christmas