The End.

Over the years and on several platforms (blogging or social media), I’ve witnessed people/contributors disappear without an explanation. And even though I never knew them personally it still seemed rather strange and somewhat sad to find out that they’ve just “disappeared” without any kind of notice.

I don’t want to be that person.

This is my final blog post.

After much consideration and not a lot of debating, I’ve decided that with the advent of social media, personal blogging is a dying platform. There’s nothing I can tell you here that I can’t post on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter (provided you’re connected to me) and can’t get out to a larger group of people in no time flat. I can now even carry on a live chat with Meerkat if I wished.

Over the years it seemed that most of my posts just got written and seldom read. Traffic was never spectacular so it seemed most of my writing was done in vain. Feedback was rare. In short, it reached a point to where it didn’t make sense to even post anymore. I no longer care to put any effort into posts that will just take up space on the WordPress server and offer very little to the reader — if anyone even bothered to read them. The reach from the blog’s Facebook page (which I will be closing as well) was also embarrassing.

Sharing personal aspects of your life is what social media is for and it’s doubtful anyone gave two shits about anything I wrote here recently. I’m not a world-traveling, jet-setting dynamo. I haven’t taken a vacation in years. I can barely afford to make ends meet with my pittance, all of which adds up to one really boring life that I don’t care to write about or share with others anymore at least in an expanded format. Blogging once brought me happiness. It doesn’t anymore and hasn’t for some time now.

We all have opinions. I have mine but I’m done blathering about them here.

However, I still believe that topical blogging is very much alive. That’s why I will continue to keep the following blogs going as they are focused on particular topics and have a much wider following than my personal blog.

I’m going to concentrate on those blogs. I’m done here.

This page will be a Sticky and remain a such. Eventually it will go private so soak up all that’s here for now because it won’t be here much longer.

If you’re a longtime reader, thanks for being a part of my blog. I’ve been at it since 2004 and feel it’s time to lay it to rest.

If you just started reading, well, thanks for stopping by but I don’t think you missed anything.