Really Quick…

Okay folks, there are a few things I’ve gotta say but I’ll be quick about it so I won’t take up much of your time.

  • The blog domain has been renewed. Yes, I’ve gone ahead and renewed this stupid domain of mine for the umpteenth year, for whatever reason. I was hoping maybe some dedicated SpongeBob fan would pony up some bucks for it but it hasn’t happened yet. So you’ve got me for another year, which leads to…
  • I’m sort of taking a break. I do this now and then so it really shouldn’t come as a surprise to anybody, but the reason this time is simply because my eyes can’t take it. This last week at the office has been pretty brutal on them so I think I need a new prescription and until then, I need less time straining my eyes whether it be on a tablet, phone, monitor, or a book (because y’all know how much I love to read). And considering that I’m staring at a monitor all day proofreading and editing disclaimers that nobody ever reads, you can imagine how my eyes feel. It’s been fun.

If there is anything good about the last few weeks it’s that I’ve avoided catching the flu that has taken down so many people at the office. There are still people coughing and wheezing, plus a few that are still out. It’s been crazy.

That’s the update. I’ll be back around when I think my eyes can do the job without watering or when I get my arse to the oculist for an exam and then new glasses.