Dad and the Japanese Toilets

There is currently a work stoppage at the Port of Los Angeles, one of the busiest ports on the world. There is what seems like an endless line of cargo ships sitting out in the ocean with nothing to do since the union has some kind of bug up their butt about something. But when … Continue reading Dad and the Japanese Toilets


At the Ballpark

We drove down to San Diego to watch the Dodgers play the Padres. All I can say is that this is a beautiful ballpark. Gonna go check things out in a few. This was part of an event held by the University of Phoenix Alumni Association of which Ann is a member. Aside from gas … Continue reading At the Ballpark

Blogging 365, Day 5: On A Ship

Getting ready to board the USS Iowa in San Pedro, CA. UPDATED 1/5/13 Should you ever be in the area or have plans to be, do not pass up the opportunity to see her. Volunteers are extremely knowledgeable about this battleship's history and the ship itself is in incredible condition considering all she's gone through. You … Continue reading Blogging 365, Day 5: On A Ship

Wordless Wednesday: Lunch

A collage from where we had lunch on Saturday.

Staycation: Griffith Observatory

Just another local attraction we enjoy visiting. The Griffith Observatory was used in the movies The Rocketeer and Rebel Without A Cause just to name a few. And it's an absolutely beautiful day up here 🙂