30 Day Song Challenge, Day 26: A Song You Can Play on An Instrument

I’ve had various keyboards over years and most of the time, they’ve laid untouched and collecting dust. But when I do sit and try to play them, I really am capable of making something that resembles music.

But it’s never my own composition. See, I can play by ear and play back just about anything I’ve heard after only a few tries. It takes a few more tries to polish it a bit but there will be no doubt about which song I am playing.

Today’s song is no exception. I taught myself how to play this one – Ann calls me “one of those people” – and I have to admit it’s pretty close to it. I won’t, however, sing along unless I’m alone. Maybe.

Depeche Mode – “Enjoy the Silence (Harmonium version)”

Note that I have no idea what’s going on between 2:41 – 3:14.

30 Day Song Challenge, Day 25: A Song That Makes You Laugh

Why do they rock so hard?

That’s both a question and a title of an album by Reel Big Fish, the group who performed today’s featured song. In it, one of the guys discovers that the girl he once dated, well, doesn’t like guys anymore.

Still wanting her, he pleads:

Well, I never thought it would end like this
Just because I’ve got no tits
I’ll shave my legs, I’ll wear a bra
I’ll even cut my penis off for you

Um…wow. That’s pretty deep yet amusing at the same time. But hey, don’t let me tell the story. These guys do it much better.

Reel Big Fish – “She Has A Girlfriend Now”

30 Day Song Challenge, Day 24: A Song You Want To Play At Your Funeral

Well, we covered the happiness of the wedding tunes but what exactly would I want for when I fade away into nothingness?

Believe it or not, I have a playlist on my iPod called “Epitaph” that includes a bunch of songs that I want played either at my viewing or at least the actual funeral. While most are instrumentals, there are a few songs mixed in, including this one:

Genesis – “Afterglow”

I will specifically request that this song be either the last song played before my coffin is closed, at the gravesite near the end of the funeral, etc. I want it to be the final song played in my (dead) presence.

Honorable Mention: Louis Armstrong – “What A Wonderful World”

Depeche Mode – “Stjarna”

30 Day Song Challenge, Day 23: A Song You Would Want to Play at Your Wedding

Well, Ann and I have been married 18 years and our ceremony wasn’t all the pomp and circumstance that many people wish for.

But if I had to do it all again, this would be the one song I would want to have played in the church or wherever the ceremony would be.

Genesis – “Follow You, Follow Me” (1978)

I’ve loved this song from the first time I heard it and it’s stuck with me ever since.

Honorable Mention: John Williams and the London Symphony Orchestra – “Throne Room and Ending Titles (from Star Wars)”

I’ve always envisioned this one playing as the ceremony wrapped up and before you ask, no, I’m not a Star Wars nerd. The soundtrack was one of the first LPs I owned and I think I wore out two needles listening to it since, well, it was a 2-LP set – which I still have. This was the one piece from the soundtrack that always gives me goosebumps and still does.

Call me a dork but hey, I know what I like 🙂

30 Day Song Challenge, Day 22: A Song You Listen To When You’re Sad

Look, if you’re going to be down, you might as well be as down as you possibly can, right?

There’ll be no Erasure playing in my house when I feel down. Instead, I’m going to let myself sink into a deep depression by listening to this song.

Billie Holiday – “Gloomy Sunday”

Listen to that song, man. That’s some pretty deep stuff, much like her song “Strange Fruit.” This goes to show you that it doesn’t matter how much auto-tuning is done, how flashy a singer is, or how many records they sell, the best stuff (in my opinion) requires none of it – and isn’t even in stereo most of the time.