Blogging 365, Day 72: Hugh Jaynis

I watch the KTLA Morning News daily so I can get a quick rundown on the day’s top stories as well as the current traffic report.

I know those guys love to have a good time while at work but today they had a little too much fun as this video will clearly show. When it aired this morning, I missed what Henry DiCarlo (the weatherman) had said and only caught up when everyone was laughing.

Then I saw the video a few hours later and it all made sense. Here it is.

By the way, Chris Schauble (the reporter who started laughing) is a funny guy and is one of my followers on Twitter. He replies to every tweet and is an Ironman triathlete.

But this morning…he was just a mess.

And honestly, if it was an inside job, Henry most likely deserved it…

Blogging 365, Day 52: Arliss and the Enchilada

Anthony mentioned this video to me today because he likes to mess with it and when you see it, you’ll know why.

Here’s the setup. This was shot back in 2009 after we finished eating dinner on the patio, a dinner consisting of enchiladas and a few side dishes. We had one enchilada left so I decided to have a little fun with it by setting up my camera and letting Arliss do his thing. He was begging the whole time during dinner so I figured I might as well let him have it.

I set the camera on the table, started the video, and left the enchilada on the table so that he knew it was there. I then went into the house and kept an eye on things from inside.

The result: Arliss having a nice dinner. Note that it’s quite for the first 50 seconds or so; the action takes place after that. I like how at 1:02 he looks into the house to see if I’m coming then at 1:09, he knows he busted.

He wasn’t really but it’s funny to see.

And why does Anthony like this so much? He enjoys making Arliss “barf up” the enchilada by dragging the marker backwards when he watches the video on Quicktime.

Yup. That’s my boy.

Blogging 365, Day 10: 20 Completely Random Songs On My iPod

I’m going to hit Shuffle on my iPod and see what plays. No skipping for a better (or less embarrassing) song; you will get the real deal.

I will embed the videos if they are on YouTube and if they cannot be embedded then I will link to them, or hyperlink as we used to say back in the early ‘90s.

Then again, we also used the term cyber a lot back then too. Hey it sounded cool.

And here we go. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll kiss about an hour of your life goodbye!

1. Her Eyes Are A Blue Million Miles (The Big Lebowski soundtrack) – Captain Beefheart

2. All Time High – Rita Collidge (Octopussy soundtrack)

3. Putting on the Ritz (extended version on iPod; not on YouTube) – Taco

4. Left of Center (Pretty in Pink soundtrack) – Suzanne Vega

5. Look Out, There’s A Monster Coming – The Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band (Craig Ferguson cold intro version shown here; found while searching and I couldn’t stop laughing)

6. Fantasy Overture (Romeo and Juliet) – Tchaikovsky

7. Wie Glauben (The Big Lebowski soundtrack) – Carter Burwell

8. Love Me Two Times – The Doors

9. Misunderstanding – Genesis

10. Gemini Dream – The Moody Blues

11. Glycerine – Bush

12. Christmas Eve Montage (The Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack) – Danny Elfman

13. Never Tear Us Apart – INXS

14. Black Head Chinaman – Prince Buster

15. Blue Tango – Leroy Anderson

16. Come Back – Depeche Mode

17. Birth (Super Mario Galaxy soundtrack)

18. Silver Things – Limbeck (Note: I used to work with lead singer Robb MacLean at a photo lab and their song “Stop Internet Romance” was featured in a 2000 iMac commercial. The money earned allowed them to buy their tour van.)

19. How Can You Expect To Be Taken Seriously? – Pet Shop Boys

And finally…

20. Sugar on My Tongue – Talking Heads

There you have it. Watch for another post tomorrow!

There Are No Words…

Just watch the video.

30 Day Song Challenge, Day 26: A Song You Can Play on An Instrument

I’ve had various keyboards over years and most of the time, they’ve laid untouched and collecting dust. But when I do sit and try to play them, I really am capable of making something that resembles music.

But it’s never my own composition. See, I can play by ear and play back just about anything I’ve heard after only a few tries. It takes a few more tries to polish it a bit but there will be no doubt about which song I am playing.

Today’s song is no exception. I taught myself how to play this one – Ann calls me “one of those people” – and I have to admit it’s pretty close to it. I won’t, however, sing along unless I’m alone. Maybe.

Depeche Mode – “Enjoy the Silence (Harmonium version)”

Note that I have no idea what’s going on between 2:41 – 3:14.