The Great Eclipse of 2017!

I’m posting this today because meh, lazy. Anyway… There was an eclipse on Monday! It didn’t get very much coverage in the press so I doubt you heard about it but I guess I was one of the few and decided to tell the family. Lucky for us, Ann’s parents also heard about it and … Continue reading The Great Eclipse of 2017!

Blogging 365, Day 21: The Moon and Jupiter

Tonight we had another cool celestial event in which Jupiter appeared to be pretty close to the moon. I had two telescopes and three cameras outside with me and despite it appearing close to the naked eye, it was difficult to get them in the same frame with a telescope. And I experimented with the … Continue reading Blogging 365, Day 21: The Moon and Jupiter

Wordless Wednesday: Moon

As seen through Anthony's new telescope. Taken with my LG Optimus Elite and edited with Pixlr Express.

Moon, Sun, Venus

There have been quite a few interesting events happening in the skies this year. First, we had the Super Moon – and we and the neighbors had a little viewing party (all images enlarge when clicked): A few weeks later we had a solar eclipse which we weren’t able to see with a pinhole viewing … Continue reading Moon, Sun, Venus