But This One Goes to 11

Well, here it is. Over a week into the new year and you finally get a new post. Terrific! That said, I need stuff to write about. I’ll be trying my dang-doodly-darndest come up with topics of interest and whatnot without trying to step on too many toes along the way. Try, at least. So … Continue reading But This One Goes to 11


It was about 10 days ago when I decided that I was going to give up blogging for a number of reasons, namely that I believed it to be a lost cause and I didn't want to "disappear" as I so plainly put it. That was 10 days ago and I’ve had some time to … Continue reading Resurrection

Now What?

Whenever I'm absent from blogging for an extended period of time, I always feel the need to explain myself. Here's my excuse this time. Okay, several excuses. First, my only pair of glasses broke. Not only are they my backup pair but they are also an old prescription that no longer really help my eyes … Continue reading Now What?

Domain Update

Here's a quick update with the domain change and transition. In short, I effed. Up. Everything. Old links? Gone. Redirect? Not happening. Me to the point of considering giving up blogging because of all this? It happened for a moment. All of what I wanted to happen didn't happen and it was making for a … Continue reading Domain Update

Broken Links

While in the process of switching things to the new domain, I discovered something: all of my old links under holographicmeatloaf.com became broken. If you clicked on any old link, rather than having it redirect to the new domain, you got either an error from Google or are taken back to the main page. In … Continue reading Broken Links