Domain Update

Here’s a quick update with the domain change and transition.

In short, I effed. Up. Everything.

Old links? Gone.

Redirect? Not happening.

Me to the point of considering giving up blogging because of all this? It happened for a moment.

All of what I wanted to happen didn’t happen and it was making for a headache the likes of which I’ve never known. I was just about to the point of crying since it was becoming such a hassle. So to avoid all of that and save my SEO, old links, and quite possibly my readers, the original domain is back. Carry on as you normally would because it’s like nothing has changed.

Although I may have a few more gray hairs because of this mess.

Aside from all that, I’ve got some cool news to share with you for my next post. I will post it tomorrow so in the meantime, enjoy your evening with family and friends, and make 2014 the best year ever.