It’s Another Update on Crap

Every December 1st I’m reminded that my annual domain mapping fee has been processed. It’s not a lot but it’s a reminder nonetheless and since I still pay for that and the domain, I feel obligated to give the people – all 5 3 of them – what they want. But before we go too … Continue reading It’s Another Update on Crap

Blogging Is Dead 

Me and blogging are in a relationship -- and it's complicated. In a time when social media and viral videos are still king, it looks as if blogging -- personal blogging at least -- is all but dead. I remember a time when I could write a post and get a reasonable number of interactions/hits/visits … Continue reading Blogging Is Dead 

But This One Goes to 11

Well, here it is. Over a week into the new year and you finally get a new post. Terrific! That said, I need stuff to write about. I’ll be trying my dang-doodly-darndest come up with topics of interest and whatnot without trying to step on too many toes along the way. Try, at least. So … Continue reading But This One Goes to 11

I’m Down

There's a corner in my den that is dedicated to my creativity, a place where I am surrounded by the things that bring me comfort and peace. It's the desk where I draw, do calligraphy and most importantly, where I sit with my laptop and compose blog posts. But things have changed. In case you … Continue reading I’m Down

Ten Years of Nonsense

Ten years. That’s how long I’ve been dumping my brain droppings onto the Interwebs with this here blog. And through it all, The Blog Formerly Known As has seen its share of cosmetic changes yet one thing remains the same, at least for the most part: the content. Yes, I started off rather brash … Continue reading Ten Years of Nonsense