I’m Down

There's a corner in my den that is dedicated to my creativity, a place where I am surrounded by the things that bring me comfort and peace. It's the desk where I draw, do calligraphy and most importantly, where I sit with my laptop and compose blog posts. But things have changed. In case you … Continue reading I’m Down

Ten Years of Nonsense

Ten years. That’s how long I’ve been dumping my brain droppings onto the Interwebs with this here blog. And through it all, The Blog Formerly Known As SickSenseOfHumor.net has seen its share of cosmetic changes yet one thing remains the same, at least for the most part: the content. Yes, I started off rather brash … Continue reading Ten Years of Nonsense

War Is Over! (If You Want It)

Guys, It looks as if WordPress listened to our pleas and has decided to do something about them. I was tipped off by reader annienpt in this post about the new option that allows users to choose whether they want infinite scroll on or off, which is what should have been done in the first … Continue reading War Is Over! (If You Want It)

WordPress Hates Your Furniture (UPDATED 2/10/12)

UPDATE 2/10/12: Based on Matt's reply in the WordPress forums, we are now licking their collective boot as it seems they intend to continue rolling out this horrible "feature" to "the rest of the themes that work with it" so even though you might not currently use the themes first affected, you may end up … Continue reading WordPress Hates Your Furniture (UPDATED 2/10/12)

Funny That

It always amazes me at how spammers will try anything to get their comments posted. I'm used to my occasional spam comment here; I get maybe one a day at the most. Askimet is very good at filtering them for me and only one (that I can recall) slipped by as a regular comments and … Continue reading Funny That