The Daily Post: “Finite Creatures”

In response to The Daily Post's writing prompt: "Finite Creatures." I'm trying something new today -- I'm replying to a tweet posted by The Daily Post in which they ask, "At what age did you realize you were not immortal?" My answer to this one is as simple as it is complex and yes, it involves … Continue reading The Daily Post: “Finite Creatures”

Always in My Heart

He would have been 78 today. Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas, and rest in peace, Dad. We all miss you.

Bon Jovi Responds to Rumors of His Untimely Demise

I just thought he’d be a little more kind about it.

Losing “The Loser”

Louis was the UPS delivery guy on a route that included the medical center where Ann works: an orthodontist office where he was also a patient. And although I only met him a few times, I feel compelled to write about him today for whether he knew it or not, he had an effect my … Continue reading Losing “The Loser”