Respect the Van

It took a little wheeling and dealing but the nightmare involving our Ford Escape is now over.

And here is the result:


That’s right, peeps, we traded it in for a minivan. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

It’s a 2009 Chrysler Town and Country that we purchased from Sunrise Ford which is way out in Fontana (or Fontucky as some locals refer to it) from the salesman that helped us out on several other cars. He definitely pulled through on this deal as well.

It’s also a step up from the Escape in that it is larger, seats 7, and has storage up the yin-yang. So much storage, in fact, that Anthony is now stowing away all of his toys into whatever compartments he can find which is fine with us since it won’t look so messy inside (and I have no problem with that). The Stow-N-Go seating is beyond awesome—the seats fold into the floor, leaving the van practically empty should you decide to give your 900-pound friend a ride to Wal-Mart or buy a MINI Cooper and don’t have someone to drive it home for you. It’s pretty cavernous.

When we were looking at cars years ago I had hinted to Ann that minivans are incredibly useful, even more so than SUVs in some respects. And given the fact that most SUVs will never be driven off-road, a minivan makes sense since it will carry the family, all the cargo you need, and is extremely comfortable on long trips.

We’ve only had it a few days and can’t be happier with it. It’s just the start of the good things that will happen this year. Now all we have to do is begin working on everything else that needs attention but look at it all in a positive light.

I’m still convinced it’s going to be a good year. It couldn’t be worse than the last Smile

Getting Better…

In this, the year in which I am going to dictate what my fate will be by trying to remain optimistic about almost everything, things are already starting to change and for the better.

First, the job. We had an unscheduled department meeting yesterday which, if history has taught me anything, usually means bad news. Fortunately, that wasn’t the case yesterday when we learned of some great news but because of confidentiality agreements, I cannot share them with you. The good news may not have much of an affect on me since I am a contractor and may or may not be there by the time it all goes down but either way, it was nice having a meeting and leaving with the knowledge that everybody will still have a job.

At least the permanent staff. Then again, there are temps here that have been working at the facility for years so go figure.

And you remember all the brouhaha about our Escape possibly having to be returned and us being without a car? Well yesterday, our salesman Amador called us up and wanted to know how everything was going.

Ann told him that it couldn’t be any worse, even though we had reached an agreement with Ford to keep the vehicle until the lease was up. The dealership, Ken Grody Ford in Buena Park, is still jacking us around with the details.

Amador, our salesman who used to work at Ken Grody Ford and who sold us a few cars in the past, took it upon himself to run some numbers regarding the Escape while telling Ann to check out the inventory at his current employ, Sunset Ford in Fontana.

She found a few that she liked and let Amador know. Within a few hours, he came back with some numbers that are completely doable and will rid us of the headaches we’ve been dealing with, namely the Escape and Ken Grody Ford.

So with all that done, all that’s left is to come up with a reasonable down payment, drive the Escape down to Sunset Ford and come home with something 1-2 years old. This could happen as soon as this weekend.

Amador told us we owe him lunch for pulling this off. A small price to pay for service like this, unlike the horrific service Ken Grody Ford has been giving us. I get the feeling he’s the one that really kept that dealership afloat.

Things are starting to look up, methinks.

Let’s keep it going, 2011!