Finders Keepers, Part IV

Whether I’m running or riding, I tend to find personal items that the owners would probably want returned to them. I find so many of these things that I’ve decided to create a subject that will be dedicated to the topic of my findings, herein titled Finders Keepers. This is the third installment in what … Continue reading Finders Keepers, Part IV

When Right Is Wrong

It’s normal for me to find things while I’m out running or cycling. Within the past year I’ve found two phones and I happily returned them to their owners, an easy task considering that neither phone was locked and there was a contact labeled Home in both of them. Easy. The owners even gave me … Continue reading When Right Is Wrong

Doing What’s Right

Daylight Savings Time came and went without a hitch. I was up at my regular Sunday time of 6:30 am and prepping for my weekly bike ride. Just to be on the safe side and to assure that I would be ready to go when I woke up, I slept in my cycling tights. It … Continue reading Doing What’s Right