2014: My Year In Review

I know it’s a few days late but I like to wait until the year is over because hey, you never know what can happen, right? Anyhow I bid you a very Happy New Year. And in keeping with what seems to be a new tradition since I’m always taking pictures of even the most … Continue reading 2014: My Year In Review

Our Friday

Last Friday, Ann and I had a list of things to accomplish: Sell our old refrigerator. It was an extra taking up room in the garage and hadn’t been used on a regular basis since I was laid off in 2009, back in a time when I actually made decent money and we could afford … Continue reading Our Friday

The $9,600 Question

Okay hotshot, pop quiz. If you had to pony up $9,600, would you want something to show for it or be empty handed? That’s exactly what I thought. But that’s the situation we found ourselves in today after getting an appraisal from Carmax for the leased Kia Optima, the car that I said we would … Continue reading The $9,600 Question

Blogging 365, Day 47: After 20 Years…

Come June, Ann and I will have been joined in wedded bliss for 20 years. And up to now we’ve done just small things for our anniversary, like buying each other jewelry (for her) and watches (for me) since those are the things we enjoy the most*. But this year we decided to go a … Continue reading Blogging 365, Day 47: After 20 Years…

Blogging 365, Day 20: Car Trouble

While driving home from work on Friday I had a little car trouble. I was almost home when the dreaded “check engine” (CEL) light reared its ugly illuminated head. You know, the light that means anything from the oxygen sensor (whatever the hell that is anyway) went out “Holy crap, your car is about ready … Continue reading Blogging 365, Day 20: Car Trouble