Face Your Fears, Part Deux

About two months ago, I had mentioned in a post that it was time to get over my somewhat rational fear of dentists – or at least they work they do – and get the ball rolling with an exam and whatever else the dentist may recommend. Today was that day. And the results of … Continue reading Face Your Fears, Part Deux


Face Your Fears

Next week is the start of our vacation in fabulous Las Vegas. It’s something that we had planned for months and saved up for, and we have a list of things to accomplish while we are there, some free and some not. Either way it’s happening and nothing is going to stop us from enjoying some … Continue reading Face Your Fears

A Summer That Won’t Suck: Las Vegas 

Good morning from Las Vegas! In this continuing series, this weekend we find ourselves in Sin City where the high was a balmy 115 degrees yesterday.  But you know, it's a "dry heat" as the joke goes. Not only that, but we also got a nice thunderstorm show. This was a screencap from a video … Continue reading A Summer That Won’t Suck: Las Vegas 

The Point of No Return

Now that The Phantom of the Opera is scheduled to return in 2009 to The Pantages Theater in Los Angeles, we're seeing plenty of commercials for it. And all that makes me want to do is go out right now and buy tickets. It's not like I haven't seen the show, no. I've seen it … Continue reading The Point of No Return

Living in the 80s

Sounds cliché but hey, why not? For a good portion of my life, I worked in photo labs. In fact, my first job back in 1987 was at a photo lab in Long Beach, CA inside Ralphs “The Giant” store on South Street. The next one was also in Long Beach and because she lived … Continue reading Living in the 80s