Apocalypse Then

Living in southern California in the late '80s was weird. It was during that time when we experienced a sudden infestation of the Mediterranean Fruit Fly or Medfly as it was lovingly referred to by the local media. (This pen name obviously paved the way for celebrity couple names like Bennifer and Brangelina.) Eventually, the … Continue reading Apocalypse Then


I Wanna Go Back

Ann and I decided to go out for a breakfast date this morning after we dropped off the kid at school, so we went to the newest 85 Café Bakery location which isn’t too far from us. We’re not the full-on, greasy-meal-complete-with-all-the-fixin’s kind of couple. We just can’t start the day off with a heavy … Continue reading I Wanna Go Back

Throwback Thursday: Hollywood

You know, just me and Ann standing atop historic CBS Columbia Square in the mid- to late ‘90s. So much to say about this picture, like: Ann and I were both a little…heavier then. She is most definitely NOT taller than me -- she was standing on a box. Capitol Records is on the left. … Continue reading Throwback Thursday: Hollywood

Blogging 365, Day 12: Adventures in Thrift Shopping

It’s been bone-chillingly cold around here lately at least by California standards. In fact, tonight is supposed to be one of the coldest nights we’ve had for some time that could break records. I’ve been using my sleeping bag – tested for up to 24 degrees – as my blanket as of late and it’s … Continue reading Blogging 365, Day 12: Adventures in Thrift Shopping

Blogging 365, Day 11: I’m Still Standing

Back in my high school days, the Walkman as well as a myriad of knock-offs were en vogue. They were our version of the iPod if the iPod was large, ugly, had a short battery life and could only carry one album at a time on a cassette. Despite it all, we managed and were … Continue reading Blogging 365, Day 11: I’m Still Standing