Reader E-Mail

E-mailFor tonight’s post I thought I’d share with you a strange e-mail that I received the other night. What made it strange was that it was sent to one of the many e-mail addresses I’ve associated with this blog, but since I’ve been finally able to get an e-mail address with my domain, I haven’t used that address and as far as I know it’s not even mentioned anywhere. Go figure.

So who am I to disappoint, right? If it’s an answer you want, it’s an answer Dave will give you.

The e-mail came from Susan, who asked the following:

What happens if you dont eat for a month? I don`t know if you are the right person to ask, but any advice/pointers you might have would be very much appreciated. Please point me in the right direction.


Well, Susan, thanks for the e-mail. But I think that the answer to your question is simple: you’d die. I mean, unless you’re Gandhi, is there a reason not to eat for a month? He did it for peace (or something) and I doubt you’re that devoted to the ideal of world peace through fasting or starvation. You simply wouldn’t have the intestinal fortitude to do it, methinks. And it would just be stupid anyhow.

Hope that helped.

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