The Weekend

I’m writing this post at the Mariposa Avenue Green Line station. Wait, here comes my train.

*fights away a few people*

Okay, on the train.

Anyhow, the weekend is here again and it looks like we’ve got nothing planned beyond a trip to South Coast Plaza, one of Orange County’s more upscale malls (next to Fascist Fashion Island in Corona del Mar). We promised Tony a trip to the toy store there so now we have to deliver. Besides, it gives me an excuse to sneak by Micro Center which is right around the corner. It’s Geek Heaven.

Other than that, it looks like a few days of a lot of nothing. I’m over this cold or whatever it was I had so I’m happy. I feel 100% better than I did a few days ago and Tony…you’d never know that boy was running a fever and barfing during that time. Kids rebound from illnesses amazingly well.

And sweet baby Jesus, it smells like burning rubber in this train. My eyes are burning. I think the person next to me smoked a cigarette made by Uniroyal or something.

I also think some Rock Band 2 is order. And this isn’t a knock on Billy Corgan’s vocal range, but Tony only failed once when he sang “Today.”

Keep in mind he’s four–and can’t quite read yet. Take that as you will!

Have a good one, peeps!

Not Right Now…!

So I turned on my XBOX 360 the other day and noticed something strange.

No, I wasn’t greeted by the dreaded RROD, thank [insert appropriate deity here]. Rather my 42″ TV had some colorful bars scrolling from the bottom to the top of the screen. While I can definitely appreciate the artsy-fartsy aspect of these bars, seeing them also told me something was terribly wrong.

Ann had already told me prior to this that I could sell her PSP and whatever games she has so that I can buy Rock Band 2 when it comes out next month. And that’s exactly what I did, opting for the GameStop gift card which scored me an extra 20% instead of taking the cash.

I then told the nerd behind the counter about my predicament and he suggested new cables, which I bought with my new gift card. After all I had already tried plugging in the component cables directly into the TV (bypassing the A/V switcher box), in different component inputs, etc. This was my only hope–or so it seemed.

I got home and was eager to try the cables out.

They sat on the coffee table for four days.

On the fifth day I decided I’d better open up the package and, like, seriously try them out. And I’ll be damned if the problem is now worse than before! I tried all inputs, bypassed the switcher box–nothing helped. I was sad.

I then went back to the Microsoft-supplied cables and gave them a shot. While the bars are still there, they are nothing like they were with the new cables. So now my only fear is that I will have to send out my XBOX and have it repaired.

But why did this have to happen now? Rock Band 2 is almost here! Dammit, this can’t happen yet, can it? How in the hell can I vicariously live out my dream to play that wicked guitar solo in “Boddhitsatva”?

Oh wait. My Rock Band Stratocaster guitar is busted, too. So I guess that has to get fixed as well. Double-damn.

Onto other things. Apparently, I’ve been nominated for some kind of bloggy award! Preston over at Me and the Blue Skies thought highly enough of my blog to nominate me for the ubiquitous Arte Y Pico Award.

Gee thanks, Preston…now I have to do some WORK and come up with five blogs my own stupid self! (It won’t be that hard, actually.)

So sayeth Preston of my blog…

Holographic Meatloaf – Whether he’s blogging about his never-ending quest to lose weight or his life in Southern California with his family, you just can’t beat his wit and humor. A daily dose of Dave is a good thing.

Boy, do I ever have somebody fooled up good. And as I said in the Comments section of that entry:

But ask my wife if a daily dose of me is okay. She’s had 15 years of Dave…don’t ask me why or how she handles it… 🙂

There you have it. I’ll be compiling my list soon!

Special Request

Here’s a special request to the folks over at Harmonix.

I had originally started to write a post about which new music game I was going to be purchasing since, well, there are so many coming out soon.

But based on the track list and the fact that I already own Rock Band, the choice was rather easy to make: Rock Band 2 will get my money. (C’mon…you can’t deny the musical mastery of Steely Dan’s “Bodhisattva” unless you’re some sort of commie pinko swine.)

And since my “guitar” is pretty much shredded it looks like I’ll have to buy a replacement–or end up buying the whole damn set, which would be a downright shame [Sarcasm Level: Severe].

I also have plenty of DLC songs for the game that hopefully will be transferable. In fact the other night I downloaded a few Stone Temple Pilots songs as well as Judas Priest’s “You Got Another Thing Comin’.” But if there was ever a song born for the Rock Band franchise, it’s this one. And I hope The Powers that Be take notice and get the rights to use it:

The Smithereens’ “Behind the Wall of Sleep” has been one of my favorites for as long as I’ve owned Especially for You, their debut album. And it just doesn’t get any easier than this: guitars, drums, bass and vocals, a nifty solo and some great riffs. In my opinion, it’s just an awesome song that would be perfect for the game.

So there’s my special request. Not bloody likely to happen but hey, it’s worth a shot to get the word out.

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