The Weekend in Review

Okay, so here’s now my weekend went down. First of all I spent a good portion of Friday night exporting my blog files over to, another blog host that looks and feels a lot like WordPress which delights and scares me at the same time. There’s a lot to like about them, including clean … Continue reading The Weekend in Review


Camping, Biking, Tiring

So, how went your weekend? Here's a quick recap of mine. The Kid and I went camping at a local park on Saturday night/Sunday morning and it was an absolute blast. I won't get into too many details as this was genuinely father-and-son time, but all I can say is that he wants to go … Continue reading Camping, Biking, Tiring

Busy, Busy, Busy

So in case you don't hear from me this weekend... Friday: Work and then off to the Orange County Fair for an evening of food, fun and more food. This is the one time of year when the Rules of Healthy Eating go out the window and I enjoy myself. How can you not with … Continue reading Busy, Busy, Busy

Das Weekend

In approximately 1.5 hours I will regretfully be out of my 30s. Yes, that day is almost here: I will be over the hill on Saturday. Yay. As far as plans go, we really don't have any. Every place is crowded for dinner so it's not worth the effort--even if it's my birthday. Instead we … Continue reading Das Weekend

The Weekend Plans

Alright, it's finally here! We don't have much on the slate this weekend but sometimes that turns out to be a good thing. It's supposed to be in the high 80s both days so, um...welcome to Southern California in November! About all we really have planned is to attend the Wings Over Long Beach event … Continue reading The Weekend Plans