Adventures in Smartphones

Okay, so it’s been way too long between posts and I sort of have an idea about today’s topic. As you may recall, I dropped my Samsung Galaxy S4 Active the day before I was to participate in the Long Beach Marathon Bike Tour and 5k. In case you don’t remember what it looked like … Continue reading Adventures in Smartphones

Eating My Words

When we signed our contract with Big Cell Phone Company (AT&T), something I thought I’d never do again, I remember the salesperson asking if we wanted to buy insurance for our phones. My reply was simple: “Nah, I’ve had good luck with phones and never had to replace one. No thanks.” Besides, my Samsung Galaxy … Continue reading Eating My Words

Live Webcast: Who Wants A Free TV?

Okay, so the TV is still sitting in front of my house. What else am I going to do? That's right--point the webcam out the window so everybody can see who's going to be the suck...lucky person to haul it away! Go ahead and click here to watch the live stream. Note that this entry … Continue reading Live Webcast: Who Wants A Free TV?