SPIED: 2013 Mercedes SL

It took a little online sleuthing but I managed to figure this out.

While driving home from work today, I happened to see a car on the freeway that I knew I had seen before on the same freeway and near the same exit. But the first time I saw it, it appeared to have all sorts of little – for the lack of a better term – small antennae all over it as if it was going through some kind of aerodynamic testing. It had also no visible badging but upon first glance, it was safe to say it was the new Mercedes SL.

Well, today it clearly had a different look to it and this time I was able to grab some spy shots, just as I did with the Kia Soul back before it was available to the public. Here’s what I was able to grab with my phone (cropped for better viewing; click to enlarge slightly):

mb spy

As if the Michigan manufacturer plate doesn’t give away the fact that it is a legitimate test car, the overall shape of the vehicle definitely hints a the SL. Oh, and those weird things on the underside of the bumper in the image above? They are not part of the vehicle but are a reflection of my car’s vents through the windshield. Sorry for the confusion. Here’s another shot, partially of the side, as the car was going from the 405 to the 605:

mb spy 2

I wasn’t able to get a shot from the front but after searching online, I was able to determine that the car I saw was indeed the new SL as the front looked exactly like one:

The only difference was that the car I saw had the front bumper under better cover than the one seen here. Either way, it’s always fun to see these test vehicles roaming around town — and even more fun trying to grab these spy photos.

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SPIED: 2010 Kia Soul

Living in southern California–the Car Capitol if the World it seems–often makes us privvy to seeing new cars that are yet available for public purchase. Even if they are for sale, we still see some pretty cool things.

This is more of the former than the latter. While riding my bike to the store for the Sunday paper I had to stop and look at a car I hadn’t seen just yet. As such, I had to do a little online research to get some info on this vehicle since it was clear it was a Kia but it was missing any badging beyond that. It took a few seconds of Googling but I found the answer.

Behold, the 2010 Kia Soul:

The style of the car is not unlike the new Scion xB and looking at the Web site, it’s apparent that Kia is trying to muscle in on the small-car customization segment with trim levels varying from base to fancy.

But with xBs seemingly multiplying at an exponential rate, Kia definitely has their work cut out for them and only time will tell if the Soul will be much of a competitor against Toyota’s proven and successful sprite of a vehicle.

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