Is it Black Friday Yet?

Outside Best Buy today, Tuesday, November 24. Seriously, people…

Sweet Jesus!

@ Dollar Tree. Posts like this are what stop me from using my blog as a showcase for my writing samples.


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The Dullard

First of all, I moved our backup XP-based computer from the garage back into the house. It’s a little slow but at least the damn thing works. Now onto the rest.

Ask anyone about me and you’re bound to get the same answer: I’m pretty normal. Yes, I crack an occasional joke and enjoy making people laugh—or at least try as the contents of this blog would seem to indicate.

I’m a dullard. There’s no doubt about it. And I’ve been that way for a majority, if not all, of my 40 years of life on this ball of confusion. To take things even further, consider the following statistics:

Taking into account all of the aforementioned stats, I began to wonder if I’d continue to live as my dull self into my Golden Years. And taking the weight loss aspect into consideration, it’s simple to say that physically, I’m not the same person I was over 4 years ago.

Then there’s the goatee which I chose to let grow this year. A big change for me since, when I was fat, I could never grow one. Too much face fat or something. So yes, losing 1/3 of my body weight and the addition of facial hair definitely made a difference but I needed to do just one more thing.

So what exactly did I do? Something I had been considering for quite some time now.

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MJ Memorial

Watching @ work. Damn near cried after his daughter spoke. Very moving.


Bookmobile Arrives

pigeonMy company is one of the sponsors for Bess the Book Bus, a small organization that promotes literacy by seeking book donations for underprivileged children. For about the past month, we’ve been collecting books for the kiddies while Bess made her circuitous path from Florida to her final destination, sunny southern California. Our incentive to donate: those that gave at least 10 books received a yellow SuperGuarantee cape, suitable for…something, most likely office bragging rights by hanging outside your cubicle (if you are lucky enough to have one).

I had told The Kid the last time we cleaned his room that if there were any books he didn’t want to let me know so that I could give them to the kids that couldn’t afford any. The Kid came through with a bagful of books, and I’m proud of him for being so willing to donate them.

Well, today Bess finally arrived at work to collect the books. Here are a few phone-cam shots:

Bess gets loaded--with books

Bess gets loaded--with books.

The back of the bus. Note the Florida license plate.

The back of the bus. Note the Florida license plate.

The pigeon finally drove the bus!

The pigeon finally drove the bus!

That last picture is what really got me laughing. You see, there’s this series of books by Mo Willems that center around a pigeon and his adventures that include wanting a puppy, finding a hot dog and as seen here, driving a bus. The books are genuinely funny in that the pigeon does everything he can to convince (the child) reader to let him get his way, a funny way of giving kids a taste of their own medicine.

At any rate, The Kid loves the books and I thought he would get a kick out seeing the pigeon finally “driving” the bus. Oh boy, did he ever.

It was great to see Bess finally arrive at work gather the books up, knowing that they will end up in the hands of children that most definitely need them more than we did. And yes, in case you’re wondering, I earned my cape with what The Kid had generously donated for the cause.

And no, I’m not wearing it when I start riding my bike to work again 🙂

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