24 Hours of Disneyland

05-19-14-Event-logo-Starting tomorrow at 6am, Disneyland will be open for 24 hours for those who are brave enough to “rock” their Disney Side.

And although I despise the use of “rock” as a verb for donning any article of clothing and successfully gaining the approval of others and, therefore, really dislike this slogan, I will be there with the family. It’s okay if you think I’m nuts because chances are you’re right.

We’re not going because we’re hardcore Disney fanatics. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, being raised in southern California sort of desensitizes you from the ahhh! factor that mostly everyone outside of the state gets when they hear “Disneyland.” It’s just another stop along the 5 Freeway for us in most cases and our Annual Passports* were bought as a way to kill a few Sundays a year when we had nothing else to do.

But there are exceptions, like those who will be camping out starting at midnight tonight waiting to get in at the precise moment the gates open then partake in a marathon park visit for the next solid day.

That’s not me. While I like Disneyland and all that, let’s get something straight: you will never find me camping outside of anyplace for anything. You just won’t. Unless I’m camping for the sake of camping.

We’re going because we were invited to go by a friend who just spoils us too much, but whose spoiling is so appreciated. We simply cannot repay her for what she’s done and continues to do.

At any rate, here are the details of our visit.

It won’t be the full 24 hours. I am working until 7pm on Friday and Anthony has school, so right away there’s a good portion of the 24 hours cut from our visit. I plan on meeting the family and friends at the park around 8pm provided traffic around the park is not winding down every possible side street like an anaconda.

Lines won’t be an issue for us. While the crowds may be huge and lines long, the one thing those who camped out will still have to do is wait or, as they most likely will do, use a FastPass. Not us. We will once again have our VIP Guide giving us quick access to all attractions. He will be ours from 4pm – 4am so we need to cram in as much fun as we can in those 12 hours. He can also schedule prime seating for everything going on for this special event.

I am going all night. I have made it my quest to uh…rock my Disney Side from the time I arrive until 6am the following morning. I want to see how tired people are as they drag themselves down Main Street. I want to see the sun come up over the Matterhorn or Space Mountain. I want to see World of Color at 3am, ride the Haunted Mansion at midnight, eat a churro at 4:47 in the morning. I’m going to do this, even if the family decides they’ve had enough.

We have a room. If the family chooses to end their quest early, they’ll have a room waiting for them at the Disneyland Hotel. And when I drag myself in there at 6am, I can crash for about 5 then start to pack up for our 11am check-out time.

It will be social. What good would an event like this be without spamming your social network feed with umpteen photos? I plan on posting pictures/tweets on Instagram and/or Twitter at every ride we conquer along with the time we are in line, for as long as my phone’s battery holds a charge, with whatever hashtags are pertinent to the event. #disneyside seems to be the only one I’ve heard of as of now.

I have no idea what we’re in for but rest assured you will see it as it happens on the aforementioned networks. Wish us luck!

And hey, I think I’ll wear this loud shirt from 1990 – Disneyland’s 30th anniversary – to the event.

Or should I *cringe* rock something else?


*We’ve since abandoned renewing our APs as they because way too much for us. Being unemployed didn’t help matters.

Wordless Wednesday: Lunch


A collage from where we had lunch on Saturday.

Another Vegas Post

In our perpetual on-again, off-again, love-hate relationship with Las Vegas, we’ve decided once and for all that the trip we scheduled for October is off for good.

There are many reasons I can get into as to why we chose to give up staying in a plush Las Vegas hotel for free, but to get right to the heart of the matter, it’s really simple: it’s a waste of money.

I know, I know. Thanks for that insight, Captain Obvious. But we’ve been really good at putting money away to pay off one of our many credit cards. If we went to Las Vegas, between eating out for each meal for nearly a week, going to shows and gambling like drunken sailors, we’d be dipping into that cash and have very little left.

Our current plan is to keep depositing money into one of those phantom Internet banks, pretend it’s not there, let it gain some interest, and then lay the smack down on some of our smaller credit cards. This will continue until we have enough to pay off the spa next year when the 6 months same-as-cash offer expires. Not only that, once tax time rolls around we’ll use that to pay off a few more cards and if we continue this trend, we’ll be in great shape should things go as planned.*

It’s no secret that Ann and I are terrible at saving money, which is why we’re actually proud to have accumulated a decent amount of dough in order to pay off something very soon. (We’re even considering going back to pre-paid cell phone service since our Verizon bill was a scary $150 last month! WTF is that, people?!) So we saw it as a waste to see our hard work go out the proverbial window while driving 300 miles north on Interstate 15 and arriving at Las Vegas in an amazingly quick 3 hours a very conservative 5 hours.

We still do plan on taking the week off, however, to be a family and do family-type activities such as going to Disneyland (for free since my brother’s a Cast member), taking advantage of our zoo and aquarium memberships, or just hanging out at the park.

And that’s something all the money in Las Vegas can’t buy us.

Oh, the weekend’s here! We’ve got nothing planned ‘cept for some garage sale-ing tomorrow morning. Take it easy and have a good one!

*Ain’t sayin’ a thing ’bout that. Nope, I’m not.