Commercial Music That Works

Remember the days when commercials still had snappy little jingles? Yeah, like this Sparkletts one from years ago*?

Back then, just about every commercial had one and I’m pretty sure if you’re anywhere near my age range, you have your favorites. In fact, just out of memory, I can recite another Sparkletts commercial that I can’t seem to find anywhere (which was also voiced by the same guy in the spot above):

This thirsty man is Harvey Hood
Whose drinking water never tasted good
He used to sneak up on his glass to get him a drink
So he called Sparkletts
And bad taste problems are over, here’s why:
Sparkletts water is the best you can buy
That sparkling smile means Harvey Hood agreed: “Whoop-dee-dee!”
The name on the shirt says Sparkletts, friends
It means good taste and it makes good sense
Me and Sparkletts water making friends
Yes, me and Sparkletts water making friends
Sparkletts brings good-tasting water to a thirsty world!

You see that, ad agencies? I remembered every stinking word even after over 30 years! So what happened? You seem to have strayed away from the memorable jingle and moved on to using songs from my younger years. Is it so uncool to be a little creative and make up something that can be downright silly but in the long run, memorable enough to be whistling decades later?

I guess so. Sorry, but no amount of Human League or Thomas Dolby songs are going to persuade me to buy a kitchen sweeper. It’s just not happening.

That said, I have to admit that not all commercials with songs you know by heart are worth criticizing. No, there are a few that have had just the right song for the right situation, and that made me laugh out loud each time I saw them. So without any further ado, there they are.

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