Adios, Amigo

There are very few things on television, let alone television advertising, that I can honestly say I enjoy. Sitcoms? Not so much. Dramas? Bo-ring! Reality shows? Don’t get me started. I’m just not into watching television. In fact when faced with the task of simply changing the channel, I get lost because I don’t even … Continue reading Adios, Amigo


Blogging 365, Day 62: I Got Praise!

Don’t let this dog-and-pony show of a blog mislead you – I actually do have what it takes to create effective social media buzz that will drive customers to your door. At least that’s what the people at Pizza Today have said. Here’s why. Every now and then, I will write Facebook posts for my … Continue reading Blogging 365, Day 62: I Got Praise!

Commercial Music That Works

Remember the days when commercials still had snappy little jingles? Yeah, like this Sparkletts one from years ago*? Back then, just about every commercial had one and I'm pretty sure if you're anywhere near my age range, you have your favorites. In fact, just out of memory, I can recite another Sparkletts commercial that I … Continue reading Commercial Music That Works

Mark, Dan, and Wayne

If you live anywhere in the Los Angeles area, those three names instantly ring a bell. You’ve heard them all before, and in that exact sequence, but you can’t remember where. They are almost like an L.A. version of Mount Rushmore, localized to the mudflaps (see left) of trucks sold at Western Truck Exchange (WTE), … Continue reading Mark, Dan, and Wayne

Big City Slider Station

HEY, BILLY MAYS! YOU YELL TOO MUCH! I REALLY WISH YOU'D TAKE IT DOWN A NOTCH BECAUSE YOU DRIVE ME FREAKING CRAZY! AND YOUR MIGHTY PUTTY DOESN'T WORK FOR SHIT! Ahem, okay. I'm done yelling for now. But by now, I'm sure you're familiar with "that loudmouth" as The Kid calls him, pushing his wares … Continue reading Big City Slider Station